About Us


The process is really quite simple. After receiving your info,we get a loan commitment from one of our lenders. We then forward all of the details to you via e-mail. Interest rate, term, amount approved for. We also give you the formula to figure out what your car payment will be, based on how much you spend,and the terms of your loan.

Under normal circumstances when you make a purchase at a dealership, you are supporting everybody from the guy washing the car, up to the owner. We at Replacevehicle cut out all of the middlemen in the purchase. The only people making any money on your purchase is us and the owner of the dealership.

That is the reason we can get you pricing that you would never be able to get on your own. The dealership looks at the deal as found business, because you wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for us. This is also the reason we can make the numbers make sense to the lender, because they are taking less risk by loaning you a fair amount of money based on the true value of the vehicle in today’s market.

We only deal with new, or previously owned vehicles that are one owner and have clean car faxes. The problem with a new car is that it depreciates instantly as you drive off. Typically you can get much more car buying something that is a year or two old. Most cars have the remaining warranties in place and the history of the vehicle is checked by us.